Grandy’s Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor & Save!

Grandy’s breakfast menu offers a variety of hearty options starting at $2.99. Prices vary with location and item chosen, scaling up for larger platters and combos.

Grandy’s has built a reputation for serving up comfort food that feels like home. Their breakfast menu is no exception, providing a mouth-watering selection of classic dishes tailored to kick-start your day. From fluffy pancakes to savory biscuits and gravy, each dish is crafted to satisfy your morning cravings.

Their commitment to quality and generous portions means you’re getting value with every order. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a full breakfast spread, Grandy’s guarantees a warm, delicious start to your day, all at a price that won’t break the bank. Perfect for families on the go or those seeking a leisurely breakfast, Grandy’s diverse menu caters to various tastes and dietary needs.

Grandy's Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor & Save!


Grandy’s Breakfast Staples

Grandy’s Breakfast Staples bring warmth and satisfaction to every morning. Their Hearty Classics menu features options that fill you up and fuel your day. Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and golden hash browns stand out as favorites. Themed around classic comfort, you can enjoy a full platter at affordable prices.

For those who prefer a lighter start, Healthy Starts cater to a nutritious beginning. Oatmeal with fresh fruit and egg white omelets packed with veggies make for a guilt-free meal. Grandy’s ensures that both taste and health go hand-in-hand for a great price.

Item Price
Scrambled Eggs & Bacon $5.99
Hash Browns $2.49
Oatmeal & Fresh Fruit $4.59
Egg White Omelet $6.49
Grandy's Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor & Save!


Savor The Flavors: Breakfast Platters

Grandy’s Country Feast Platter is a morning delight for big appetites. Farm-fresh eggs cooked to order and golden hash browns start off this hearty meal. It includes your choice of smoky bacon, savory sausage, or honey ham to add a rich, meaty flavor. A side of buttermilk biscuits or toast pairs perfectly with homemade gravy. This breakfast platter lets guests enjoy a variety of traditional breakfast favorites.

The Pancake Perfection offers a sweet start to the day. Fluffy pancakes come with a warm syrup drizzle. You can add blueberries or chocolate chips for extra fun. Each pancake is a golden-brown canvas for delicious toppings. Garnishes like whipped cream and powdered sugar create a beautiful plate. Indeed, Grandy’s ensures breakfast is a feast for both the eyes and the palate.

Breakfast Combos: Mix & Match

Grandy’s Breakfast Menu offers delicious Eggs and Meat Combos that you’ll love. Choose your favorite combo and enjoy a hearty breakfast. With options like crispy bacon, savory sausage, or tender ham, there’s a mix for everyone. Each combo comes with fluffy eggs cooked just the way you like them. Don’t forget the Biscuits and Gravy! Soft biscuits are smothered in rich, creamy gravy. It’s a classic favorite that brings comfort and satisfaction to your morning. Prices for these breakfast delights are friendly to your wallet, making them a perfect start to your day. The Eggs and Meat Combos are sure to fill you up and keep you going!

On-the-go Options

Grandy’s Breakfast Menu offers tasty Grab ‘n’ Go Wraps for busy mornings. Each wrap combines eggs, cheese, and your choice of bacon or sausage. They are wrapped in a soft tortilla, perfect for eating while you move. Prices for these quick bites start at $3.99.

If you like sweets in the morning, don’t miss their Muffins and More section. You can choose from blueberry to chocolate chip muffins, all baked fresh. Prices vary, but they typically range from $1.99 to $2.49 each. They make a great pair with a cup of coffee.

Pricing The Morning Meal

Grandy’s Breakfast Menu offers a variety of options. Prices vary, but the value is clear. A breakfast platter may cost slightly more than individual items. Combining items can lead to savings.

Economy matters to families and solo diners alike. Eggs, bacon, and toast are staple items. Pancake platters seem costly but come with extras. Biscuits and gravy present a cheaper yet fulfilling choice.

Special offers also appear occasionally. Look for coupons or combo deals. These can reduce the overall cost. Early-bird specials might include coffee at a lower price.

Kids’ Breakfast Choices

Grandy’s Breakfast Menu offers yummy options for kids. These treats are just right for smaller tummies. Delightful dishes like the Mini Pancakes and Scrambled Eggs with Bacon are favorites. They provide a good start for the day. Each meal is packed with energy and nutrients that keep kids active and happy. Not to mention, they’re totally delicious too! The chocolate milk or juice that comes with breakfast makes it even more fun. Parents love the affordable prices, and kids love the great taste!

Choices include:

  • Mini Pancakes with Syrup – Sweet and fluffy, these are a big hit.
  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon – A hearty meal that’s also tasty.
  • Chocolate Milk or Juice – Perfect to wash down a satisfying breakfast.
Grandy's Breakfast Menu With Prices: Savor & Save!


Frequently Asked Questions For Grandy’s Breakfast Menu With Prices

What Items Are On Grandy’s Breakfast Menu?

Grandy’s breakfast menu features a variety of items including pancakes, omelets, biscuits and gravy, and their signature country steak meals. They also offer sides like hash browns and grits.

How Much Does A Grandy’s Breakfast Cost?

Prices at Grandy’s vary by location, but generally, breakfast items range from $3 to $10. Combos and platters might be slightly higher, including a beverage and multiple items.

Does Grandy’s Offer Healthy Breakfast Options?

Yes, Grandy’s provides healthier breakfast choices like oatmeal, fruit cups, and yogurt. They also allow for customization to accommodate dietary preferences or restrictions.

Can I Get Grandy’s Breakfast All Day?

Grandy’s typically serves breakfast during morning hours. Check with your local Grandy’s for their specific breakfast hours as they can vary by location.


Exploring Grandy’s breakfast menu reveals affordable dining options for early risers. With a variety of hearty meals, each price point delivers satisfaction and value. Next time you crave a comforting morning feast, remember Grandy’s for a taste of home without breaking the bank.

Share your favorites and let the breakfast adventures begin!

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