How Late Does Hardees Stay Open: Your Nighttime Cravings Guide

Hardee’s typically closes at 10 PM, but hours can vary by location. Some outlets may stay open later, especially on weekends.

Hardee’s, a well-known fast food restaurant chain, offers a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and breakfast items, becoming a go-to spot for many looking for quick and hearty meals. With its widespread locations, customers often seek information on Hardee’s operating hours to plan their visits.

It’s important for diners to check the specific closing times of their local Hardee’s, as these can differ based on the area, day of the week, and unique circumstances such as holidays or special events. To ensure the most accurate information, checking online through Hardee’s official website or a quick phone call to the nearest Hardee’s restaurant will provide the current hours of operation.

Hardee’s Hours Of Operation

Hardee’s typically opens its doors at 6:00 AM. This early start allows customers to enjoy their breakfast menu. Across various locations, these opening times may slightly vary.

Closing times can also differ by location. Many spots shut down at 10:00 PM on weekdays, extending to 11:00 PM on weekends. For accurate times, check your local Hardee’s schedule.

How Late Does Hardees Stay Open: Your Nighttime Cravings Guide


Late-night Dining At Hardee’s

Hardee’s welcomes hungry night owls with open arms. Their doors remain open late into the night, perfect for those late cravings. Guests can munch on a wide range of Hardee’s favorites, regardless of the hour. Be it a thick, juicy burger or a hot, crispy chicken sandwich, the options stay plentiful.

  • Drive-thru service shines brightly for those on the move.
  • Dine-in may be available, depending on local hours.
  • Delivery thrives for convenience-seekers, with partnering platforms.

Location Variations

Hardee’s restaurants offer different closing times based on their location. Urban Hardee’s typically stay open later. This is due to the higher volume of customers in cities.

In contrast, rural areas might see earlier closing times. Fewer people may mean less demand for late-night dining. There’s also a regional influence on restaurant hours. Some states have Hardee’s that close earlier, while others stay open quite late.

Location Type Typical Closing Time
Urban Areas 11 PM or later
Rural Areas 10 PM or earlier
How Late Does Hardees Stay Open: Your Nighttime Cravings Guide


Seasonal And Holiday Hours

Hardee’s restaurants typically adjust hours on holidays.

Certain holidays might feature extended hours for customers.

For precise times, always check your local Hardee’s beforehand.

Special promotions often coincide with holiday seasons.

Holiday Typical Extended Hours
Christmas Eve Open till 10 PM
New Year’s Eve Open till 12 AM
4th of July Open till 11 PM

Satisfying Your Nighttime Hunger

Satisfying your nighttime hunger is easy with Hardee’s late hours. Fans of Hardee’s can enjoy their favorite burgers and sandwiches even after dark. Their doors remain open for the night owls, ensuring a tasty meal is never out of reach.

Under the Popular Late-Night Menu Picks, customers rave about the Thickburgers. These hearty burgers come with various toppings and are a perfect midnight snack. Other favorites include hand-breaded chicken tenders and the Monster Biscuit, piled high with meat and eggs.

Item Calories Protein Fats Carbs
Original Thickburger 780 45g 48g 44g
Chicken Tenders (3 pieces) 260 15g 11g 23g
Monster Biscuit 840 36g 56g 54g

For Nutritional Info for Late-Night Eaters, paying attention to what you eat matters. Hardee’s provides nutritional details for all their menu items. This transparency helps you make better choices even in the wee hours.

Ways To Discover Local Hardee’s Hours

Finding out Hardee’s local operating hours is easy with online tools and apps. Many websites offer store locators that list opening and closing times. Apps like Google Maps or Yelp also provide this info. Simply type “Hardee’s” and your location into these apps. They show the nearest restaurant hours.

If you have questions, reaching out to Hardee’s customer service can help. Their team gives you the most current information. You can get in touch through a phone call or an email. Check the official Hardee’s website for the correct contact details.

How Late Does Hardees Stay Open: Your Nighttime Cravings Guide


Frequently Asked Questions For How Late Does Hardees Stay Open

What Time Does Hardee’s Close?

Hardee’s typically closes at 10 PM. However, some locations may have different hours or operate 24/7.

Are Hardee’s Hours Consistent Nationwide?

No, Hardee’s hours can vary by location. It’s best to check with your local Hardee’s for exact times.

Does Hardee’s Offer Late-night Dining Options?

Yes, some Hardee’s locations remain open late or even 24 hours, particularly in busy areas or cities.

Can I Find Hardee’s Opening Hours Online?

Absolutely, Hardee’s opening hours are listed on their official website and can also be found on most location-based apps.


Understanding Hardee’s operating hours can save you from a disappointed stomach. Locations vary, but most stay open late for your craving convenience. Check local listings or their website to confirm. With this info, your next Hardee’s visit will be perfectly timed, ensuring a satisfying meal whenever hunger strikes.

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